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Font Tag - code to copy n paste to forum
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Simple Basic HTML Tag Generator

HTML Code for Posting On Forum (message board)

This basic HTML tag generator will generate the code for tags normally used on message boards or forums.
BTW: For a full web site generator, there are more advanced tutorials such as this PHP CSS Template Generator and additional web page tutorials are listed on the More Tutorials page.

The HTML tag generator uses a customized PHP script from IBDhost.com. Specialized HTML generators (such as the rainbow text and signature generator) will be provided upon request. Submit suggestions / request with the Feedback Form or Contact Us. In some cases, you may be eligible for a free web site containing a HTML generator that you suggest.

Go To:

Font Tag         Link (anchor)         Img (image)Tag

Link n Image (imagelink)         More - Plus Entities

New Signature Box Trick

Font Tag

Put Text Here:

Text Color:
Caution: Use allowable color names from this page

Text Face: (Arial, etc)     Size
BTW: The visitor must have the font face loaded (otherwise they will see their default font)

Link - Anchor Tag

Enter URL:

Caution: Be sure to include http:// ...

Link Text:

Img Tag

Enter URL of Image:

Caution: Be sure to include http:// ...
(MSIE hint: put mouse over an image and then use right button - select 'properties' - then highlight (address (url)) and then copy the URL (path to the image). Then Paste the URL

Image Caption:

Warning: Be careful when using images - they must be small files that will not be wider than the screen (and make the scroll bar necessary on 640 x480 screen. BTW: Do NOT become a Bandwidth Bandit!

Using Image as Link

Bonus Combination

When the Anchor Tag and the Image Tag both have a URL, this generator will create a combination to show how to make an image into a link. For, example, a combination of this type is often used for linking a thumbnail to a full size image


Most other tags that are used on message boards / forums are simple,
it's easier just to copy n paste them from the tutorial secition.

Bold, etc tags
Entities are not really HTML tags;
however, they can be useful (fun) on a board (e.g just my 0.02¢ )

Reminder: A good table example is shown in the turorial section;
however, the HTML signature generator is also a table
(good for banner, email signature, etc):

Table tags
Email signature generator - using HTML Table code













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